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Kairos Style Guide

How we speak Kairos.



At Kairos, we’ve walked in our customers' shoes, and we know preventing water damage is hard and the technology in the space can be frustrating for teams. That’s why we speak like the knowledgable and compassionate business partner we wish we’d had way back when.

We treat every hopeful property team seriously. We want to educate people without patronizing or confusing them.

Whether people know what they need from us or don’t know the first thing about leak detection, every word we say informs and enables. We impart our expertise with clarity, empathy, and respect.

All of this means that when we speak on behalf of Kairos:

  1. We are educators. We understand the world our customers are living in: one muddled by too much hyperbolic language, close calls, and over-promises. We strip all that away and value transparency above all. Because businesses come to Kairos to get to protect their assets, we avoid approaches like "one size fits all" and focus on the direct use case at hand.

  2. We are genuine. We get protecting assets because we had to do the same thing not so long ago, that is how we made Kairos. That means we relate to customers’ pains and values and speak to them in a familiar, educational, and accessible way.

  3. We are innovators. Only experts can make what’s difficult look easy, and it’s our job to demystify commercial leak detection and actually prevent leaks.

  4. We are avid learners. Our passion for learning is engaging, fun, and a touch eccentric. We’re weird but not inappropriate, smart but not snobbish.  We’re never dismissive or doubtful—we always jump into the next layer with excitment.


Karios' tone is usually informal, but it’s always more important to be clear than insightful. When you’re speaking or writing, consider the end user's state of mind. Are they stressed to be finding a leak so serious? Are they coming from a very bad water damage event and trying to avoid another? Once you have an idea of their emotional state, you can adjust your tone accordingly.

Kairos has a sense of charisma, so try to make nurture the relationship in front of you and strive to make their day a little bit better. But don’t go out of your way to make a to force a connection that is not there—people come to us to solve problems, so sometimes you just need to focus on what is at hand.

Style Tips

Here are a few key elements of writing Kairos' voice. 

  • Less is more. Educate with as few words as possible while still achieving the goal.

  • Empathize with insight. Understand where they are coming from to draw learning points. 

  • Active voice. Use an active tone. Avoid passive tone.