Operational Technology for Moments When Seconds Matter®

Kairos Water is a purpose-driven company that manufactures cutting-edge operational risk management technologies for commercial and residential properties. 

Our mission is to create the most resilient operational risk management technologies with a patented core solution focused on mitigating water-related threats. Frozen pipe conditions, leaky irrigation, old water heaters, HVAC, laundry, or kitchen equipment; no matter the problem's source, the Kairos team is prepared to design a custom plan specifically to protect your building and your budget. 

Our patented core solution enables real estate owners to shift from a state of reactionary repair and maintenance to one that is proactive and preventative. In just under 18 months, we’ve helped protect over 7,000 apartment units from the recurring threat of water damage, detecting hundreds of potentially catastrophic leaks. Since the product launch, ZERO customers have needed to file an insurance claim, with little to no damage, as a result of installing Kairos technology in their communities. Join us in securing a more resilient and sustainable future for property owners everywhere.


Dean Fung-A-Wing

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

From a background in the residential real estate finance industry through the 08 market crash, Dean has built a luxury home services company with over 35k customers in metro Atlanta which led him to the challenge of solving a customer need that created what is now his latest venture, Kairos. It's a digital water technology company focused on asset protection and water conservation through a patented metering and leak detection system. Having personally witnessed the aftermath of over 3,000 water damage cases and working closely with insurance providers lends to a unique perspective on exactly why 14,000 water damage claims are filed every day. 

Dean Fung-A-Wing, CEO


Seth Taylor

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Over ten years of experience as an engineer and product developer, having worked in fluid dynamics, wireless technologies, and software. Seth leads the engineering teams to execute the product roadmap. He co-authored the patent and is responsible for setting the foundation for the earliest phases of the company's journey. 



Davin Gastwirth

Chief Revenue Officer

Davin’s background in international business (across Asia, Europe, and the United Kingdom) informs his sales vision and helps him thrive as Kairos’ Chief Growth Officer. Davin has led successful sales operations in real estate for over a decade, with $50M in annual sales. At Kairos, Davin leads the company’s growth efforts (sales & marketing). He coordinates strategic growth initiatives with Kairos’ leadership team, helping crystalize Kairos’ long-term vision while executing short-term sales priorities. Davin’s leadership ensures that the business operations are effectively aligned across departments and stakeholder bases. 

Davin Gastwirth, CRO



Laurens Eckelboom

Laurens co-founded and held multiple board member seats, including a cutting-edge IoT water control company in Atlanta, a scale-up in disruptive gated and multi-mobility access technology in Boston, and an experiential lodging marketplace & payments platform start-up in Atlanta. He has led multiple companies through their early stages into their hyper growth phases, starting Parkmobile in the U.S. together with Albert Bogaard, as Chief Commercial Officer and later Chief Strategy Officer. 


Lucas Ramirez

Lucas is a non-profit executive, author, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. General Partner at KIG is our largest investor and independent board member.


K.P. Reddy

As the founder of Shadow Ventures, a seed-stage tech investment firm, K.P. effortlessly combines expertise in advanced technologies with critical, in-the-trenches experience as an entrepreneur. He is a globally recognized authority in AEC environments, AI, robotics and automation, mobile applications and cloud computing. Reddy is the author of two books, BIM for Building Owners and Developers and What You Know About Startups is Wrong. His passion is in launching game-changing startups, raising substantial investments, and leading organizations to meaningful acquisitions and IPO exits.


Jeanette Flory-Sagan

Jeanette R. Flory-Sagan founded Cereus Asset Services LLC in 2018 after years of commercial real estate experience. Cereus is her platform to share vast portfolio expertise and decades of solutions-driven experience with clients holding office, multi-family, industrial and retail assets under management in many major U.S. markets. Before being named Partner in 2008, her career path rose for more than a decade at Bentall Kennedy (U.S.) LP. Bentall Kennedy, now known as BentellGreenOak, is one of the largest global real estate investment advisors.


Ed Wolff

Ed Wolff brings more than 25 years of strategic leadership experience in multifamily and technology to his role as President for LeaseLock.  As President Ed oversees the next phase of growth for LeaseLock as it strengthens leadership with its first-to-market Zero Deposit™ lease insurance product—totally eliminating all deposits, surety bonds, cosigners and guarantors from the lease transaction. Prior to joining LeaseLock, Ed served as President of RealPage LeasingDesk Insurance where he led all business strategy, product development, sales, account management and customer service groups. Under his leadership, the division became the industry's largest provider of renters insurance, with more than 7 million units on the platform. Ed’s experience expands to the operator side of the table as well. He was Chief Operating Officer at Cortland and Chief Administrative Officer at Pinnacle. Ed’s involvement within the multifamily is vast, including serving as a Board Member for the NAA National Supplier Council and participating in thought leadership presentations at various industry conferences. He earned his Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Management from Hofstra University, and a Master’s of Science in Technology Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Steve Hallsey

Steve brings over 30 years of experience in real estate management and property operations and has worked for some of the nation’s largest and most successful multifamily housing companies.

Steve will be helping the Kairos team to connect our solutions to the industry's top 1% of leaders, innovators, and market makers in multifamily real estate.









Sensors Deployed


Units Protected


Damage Prevented


After having our Kairos equipment installed, we have seen the benefit far outweigh the upfront cost. We have seen it prevent numerous major HVAC leaks from an upstairs to a downstairs unit allowing us to get in and make the necessary repairs before flooding to the downstairs unit, which on average would cost us $3000, depending on the severity of the leak. The team has been highly professional and fun to work with. Not only are we getting a great product, but we are getting educated in the process of how it can save our bottom line in the long run.

Cassi Harbuck

Regional Director, Palomar Properties

We evaluated 3 top vendor solutions and tested the Kairos leak detection system for 12 months. We needed to ensure that Kairos’ capabilities could meet our expectations. Kairos exceeded them. Provided tremendous value, not to mention providing peace of mind for our onsite team. Kairos and Crescent Heights will have a bright future together based on their performance here.

Brian Locks

National Project Manager, PMP, Crescent Heights



    Smart Water Leak Sensor



    Smart Water Meter + Shut Off



    LoRaWAN Gateway



    Ten Thousand LA | Crescent Heights
    Focus: High-Rise/Mid-Rise, Leak Detection, Multifamily
    Products: Noah
    Sandy Lane | Palomar Properties
    Focus: Garden Style, Leak Detection, Temp & Humidity, Multifamily
    Products: Noah, T2
    LoRa Alliance | Smart Utility Billing
    Focus: Commercial, Water Metering
    Products: Moses












    Asset Protection
    $75K+ in savings on average for the first year per community.

    Utility Bill Savings
    30% Reduction in water consumption.

    Cost Recovery
    12 months or less to attain ROI.

    Operational Efficiency 
    Decrease the maintenance team's time responding to and dealing with water-related issues.

    Loss Prevention 
    0 customers have ever experienced significant losses or filed insurance claims post-install.


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