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After having our Kairos equipment installed, we have seen the benefit far outweigh the upfront cost. We have seen it prevent numerous major HVAC leaks from an upstairs to a downstairs unit allowing us to get in and make the necessary repairs before flooding to the downstairs unit, which on average would cost us $3000 depending on the severity of the leak. The team has been highly professional and fun to work with. Not only are we getting a great product, but we are getting educated in the process of how it can save our bottom line in the long run.

Cassi Harbuck

Regional Director, Palomar Properties

    $25K Damage Prevented Instantly 

    As many apartment communities in Florida experience, the threat of organic growth is much higher due to the humidity. Additionally, a single leak in one unit had the potential to damage the units next to it and the units below. In one particular community, a proactive inspection of the property led to the discovery of a significant water leak. 

    3400% ROI In Less Than 6 Months 

    In most leak detection systems, gateways run on networks with fairly limited ranges. This is why it is standard to place one on each floor to ensure no detections of leaks go unnoticed. Since the K1 Gateway runs on a LorAWAN network (Wide Area Network), a leak on the 16th floor was detected after installing only 2 gateways. Rather than having to install 16 devices, the leak was identified at the very beginning of the installation process and addressed immediately.