Case Study

Noah Leak Sensors prevent over $300K In Commercial Office Damage

After a major water damage event, one of the top 3 global real estate service providers implemented Noah Leak Sensors and got their ROI (3400%) in under 6-months.


Project Type: Retrofit

Location: San Fransisco, CA

Building Type: Office

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As A commercial office space, Retention and satisfaction of tenants are key business drivers. However, when managing a co-working property turnover becomes a whole new threat. The ease of a tenant to cancel and move to another coworking space can be unexpected with little ability to react to the core issue.


When an issue in the building's expansion panel caused a disconnection in Two pipes a leak occurred and as it went unnoticed over time, hundreds of thousands in damage resulted.


Noah Leak Sensors

K1 Gateway



Water Heaters

Piping With Expansion Panel


In most leak detection systems, gateways run on networks with fairly limited ranges. This is why it is standard to place one on each floor to ensure no detections of leaks go unnoticed. Since the K1 Gateway runs on a LorAWAN network (Wide Area Network), a leak on the 16th floor was detected after installing only 2 gateways. Rather than having to install 16 devices, the leak was identified at the very beginning of the installation process and addressed immediately.


Remotely detected a leak early and sustained 0 water damage as a result

Avoided $300K in water damage from a repeat event

ROI in less than 6months (3400%)